Ordering and delivery options

This web site is owned and operated by 1st Night of Milton Keynes.

Tel: 01908 510452

We pay UK taxes

Taxed in the UK

Just in case you were wondering. 1st Night is wholly UK based and all our taxes are paid in the UK.

UK Ordering options and delivery

You can order on this website and pay with your credit or debit card or with PayPal - you don't need a PayPal account.

UK Schools and Colleges can use an authorised Purchase Order

You can order by phoning 1st Night on 01908 510452

These are our opening hours.

UK Delivery charges

We offer two types of delivery. You can choose our standard delivery at £4.40. This is the same however much you order. The second option is Special Delivery. The cost of this depends on the weight of your order.

You choose the delivery method at the checkout and you can compare the costs of each service by selecting each one in turn and clicking the recalculate button.

Estimated UK delivery times*

Please allow up to five working days for standard delivery.

If we don't have everything in stock, we will get it for you and post it when it arrives. It's unusual for your order to take more than five working days to get to you. If you have been waiting more than a week, please contact us to find out why.

Special Delivery*

If you pay for Special Delivery we will send your order no later than the next posting day. We post every day except Wednesday, Saturday, Sunday and Bank Holidays. If we are out of any items, we'll send what we have and post the rest as soon as possible.

*The delivery times quoted are estimates - not guarantees.

Most of the time every thing is fine and you get your order when you expect but some things we just can't control. For example, our stock order might be delayed or the delivery company could have a problem

Urgent Orders

If you have a deadline, please let us know by phone, email or put a message on your order. We will help you get your order in time. We are a small company so we don't have 24/7 operation. On the other hand, because we are small, you can call us on the phone or send us an email and get to talk to the person who is actually dealing with your order.

International orders

We deliver to most countries in the world. The cost of delivery depends on the weight of your order. You can order online or by email. If your order is too heavy for normal post the delivery charge will show "9999". We can still deliver, just email us for a price.